First, the commercial activity includes:

Import - export - agencies - commercial - distribution - maintenance and repair
1- Import: The company meets the needs of the Egyptian market from major international companies in the following fields:
Transportation Equipment * Mechanical Equipment * Electrical Goods * Metal Goods

2- Export: The company exports various commodities to different parts of the world.

3- Distribution: The company represents many Egyptian factories in distributing its products of all kinds.
Within the framework of its specialization at the level of the Republic.

4- Maintenance and repair (after-sales services):
The company, through its workshops spread throughout the republic, sends technicians to customer premises to carry out periodic maintenance of equipment and machines of all kinds.

5- Belarus tractor assembly lines in Alexandria:
The company assembles the Belarus tractor with assembly lines in the Green Gate, according to the latest technology systems. In addition, it markets and distributes it through its branches spread all over the country, with the availability of after-sales services in maintenance workshops.

Second, the activity of the projects sector:

The company implements all mechanical, electrical, air conditioning and refrigeration works, land reclamation works, irrigation and drainage stations, and public utility projects, whether in the Arab Republic of Egypt or in some Arab African countries.

Where it installed the iron and steel complex / the High Dam electricity project and petroleum pipelines / Hamraween phosphate factory / snow factories / gins and automatic slaughterhouses / scales / manufacturing chassis and trailers / overhead cranes / irrigation groups / all cooling and air-conditioning works / water stations nationwide / and installing High and low voltage power lines.

As well as land reclamation projects in the Directorate of Liberation and Nubariyah.

It installed and maintained irrigation and drainage stations in the new cities and connected water to them - and it installed 20 stations in Upper Egypt - and 5 stations for the graduates project in Ismailia, where 2,900 irrigation units were installed.

And the graduates project to reclaim 58,000 acres in the Nubaria area - and the installation of 14 pumps in the Pharma and Balooza areas - and the company also carried out air-conditioning and refrigeration works for the Inshas and Shubra Shehab project for the General Service of the Armed Forces.
Replacement and renovation work at Al-Ahram Beverage Company factory, Cairo and Alexandria