Plows & Engineering Products

We sell you everything needed for your home, farm, factory and investment project, whatever your activity... Through our showrooms in Cairo and the governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt... Contact us Find us at the tips of your fingers.
The company meets the needs of the Egyptian market from major international companies

Transportation equipment - mechanical equipment - electrical goods - metal goods

The company assembles the Belarusian tractor with assembly lines in the green door according to the latest technology systems. In addition, it markets and distributes it through its branches spread all over the Republic, with the availability of after-sales services in the maintenance workshops.

The company also exports various commodities to different parts of the world, and the company represents many Egyptian factories in distributing its products of all kinds within the framework of its specialization at the level of the Republic.

The company’s activity did not stop at selling only, but extended to include after-sales services of maintenance and repair work. Through its workshops spread throughout the Republic, the company dispatches technicians to customer locations to carry out periodic maintenance of equipment and machines of all kinds.