The company was established in September 1929, and it was the first company to introduce the mechanical agricultural tractor to Egypt. That is why it took its name (the Joint Stock Company for Plows and Engineering) for more than 85 years serving the international Egyptian economy in all fields.

The company's management has been keen to provide everything necessary for factories, workshops and farms from the production of international companies and local products in our showrooms located in Cairo and the governorates.

We export the products of local companies to countries around the world

And we provide after-sales service by specialized engineers and trained technical workers


The company aims to obtain customer satisfaction by providing the best product at the lowest prices while maintaining a high degree of quality with the lowest possible profit Continuing communication with customers in order to provide all kinds of consultancy and after-sales service to all sectors, knowing that the company plays a positive role in serving the national economy and increasing the added value Studying the placement of alternative goods for all commodity groups so that the customer has all the options to buy Providing employees with experience by training them on the latest marketing programs to connect them with customers and the market


The company provides the best commodity groups with high quality for all items that are imported and dealt with Providing all technical advice to customers to help choose the right commodity that fits the needs of customers Sales centers spread throughout the Republic (from Cairo and Alexandria to Aswan) to provide customers' needs without difficulty and provide all kinds of support to customers to learn about the company's various activities Service centers in order to provide all kinds of after-sales services and move to customers in their workplace Providing all kinds of warehouse services to others in Cairo and Alexandria Providing import services for others because the company has more than eighty years of experience


Economy service
customers service
Providing all company services (commercial activity + storage services - import and export)
The company aims to find and provide alternative goods for each category Which you deal with at different prices to suit all needs
The company, through a specialized department, studies the market, prices and consumer needs, in order to adjust the course in an appropriate manner
The company's constant endeavor to connect with the market, study the prices of competing goods, and identify alternative goods for the company's presence in the field of competition with others


The company meets the needs of the Egyptian market from major international companies
In the following areas




mechanical equipment


electrical goods


metal goods

The company assembles the Belarusian tractor with assembly lines in the green door according to the latest technology systems. In addition, it markets and distributes it through its branches spread all over the Republic, with the availability of after-sales services in the maintenance workshops.

The company also exports various commodities to different parts of the world, and the company represents many Egyptian factories in distributing its products of all kinds within the framework of its specialization at the level of the Republic.

The company’s activity did not stop at selling only, but extended to include after-sales services of maintenance and repair work. The company, through its workshops spread throughout the Republic, dispatches technicians to clients’ places to carry out periodic maintenance of equipment and machines of all kinds. 

We sell you everything needed for your home, farm, factory and investment project, whatever your activity
Through our showrooms in Cairo and the governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt
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